A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Know your fruit. Know its name. For if you don't, the demons your soul will claim.

You are Melone, the biggest watermelon fan in the world. He really is amazed by his love for the fruit. He sure talks a lot about him being so great.
It is midnight, and time for his favorite snack: "A bowl of slices melons.".

The game was made by Nick Maierh枚fer and me, and is a love letter to Alone in the Dark (1992). We played it back in Kindergarten, and it still haunts our dreams today.

The Soundtrack was made by the amazing Paws Menu.

Box Art by the wonderful Bin-Han To.

The game was made for the Watermelon Game Jam 2017.


Win Build - 20170309 25 MB
Mac Build - 20170309 29 MB
Linux Build - 20170303 28 MB